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Welcome to Performance Chiropractic!

Marysville Chiropractic Care Enables Peak Performance with Rehabilitation

Welcome to Performance Chiropractic. A leading Marysville chiropractic clinic also serving the communities of Everett, Arlington and Snohomish County. At our facility, Marysville chiropractor Dr. Vuong Vo views wellness through a holistic lens, incorporating nutrition, stress management and other lifestyle approaches into your treatment plan.

While virtually anyone can benefit from chiropractic care, our rehabilitation methods are especially effective for treating auto accident injury, personal injury, whiplash, neck pain and back pain. Unlike conventional medicine, our goal is not to mask your symptoms with 'magic bullet' drugs or procedures, but to identify the underlying cause and use chiropractic to work toward a lasting solution. From the moment you enter our wellness clinic, you'll be treated as an individual' not a number on a waiting list. The result is second-to-none care in a relaxing environment with a Marysville chiropractor you can trust.

Beyond Physical Therapy: Harnessing Potential, Enhancing Performance and Striving for Perfection

Spinal adjustments are the cornerstone of our state-of-the-art therapies at our Marysville chiropractic clinic. Using the latest and most advanced chiropractic techniques, Dr. Vo goes the extra mile to help patients suffering from headaches, back pain, neck pain and other spine-related complaints.

Massage is another key weapon in the rehab arsenal against neck and back pain. The benefits of massage go beyond simple relaxation to include improved circulation, reduced swelling and an overall increase in range of motion. Done regularly, massage therapy can also help relieve muscle spasms that trigger Marysville chiropractor offers physical therapy for injury patientspain and limit flexibility. In addition to massage therapy and spinal adjustments, our chiropractor may suggest corrective exercises for you to do at home between appointments. These mini-workouts help realign the skeleton while increasing strength, flexibility and stamina. Having a chiropractor in Marysville that will adjust your back and give you a therapeutic massage is the best thing you could ask for.

During your first visit, you'll be asked to complete a short medical history before meeting with the chiropractor to discuss your symptoms and concerns. Following this consultation, you'll undergo a comprehensive physical exam to gauge your neurological, postural and orthopedic functioning. After getting an overall picture of your current health and your future goals, our Marysvillie chiropractor will walk you through the treatment process and answer any questions you have regarding your custom therapy plan.

Treatment begins in earnest upon arriving at your second appointment. The rehabilitation process is broken into three basic categories' Relief, Corrective and Wellness Care. The chief goal of Relief Care is to alleviate current symptoms by administering frequent spinal adjustments. The Corrective Care stage combines at-home exercises with less-frequent adjustments to increase strength and fix postural abnormalities. Last but not least, the Wellness Care phase consists of periodic follow-ups to monitor overall functioning and treat problems as they arise.

No matter your reason for stopping by, at Performance Chiropractic in Marysville, we value your opinion and are dedicated to serving you. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • "Way more than just a chiropractic office, my wife and I have come here for a couple years, for various injuries and a car accident and have been extremely happy with the quality of care and the recovery process."
    Duane Fisher / Marysville, WA

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